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Clinical Supervision

I remember when I first got into this field ready to tackle the world. Boy, was I in for a rude awakening! Reality set in, and I realized that despite having the education, I needed so much more guidance. I was lucky to have met some really talented clinical supervisors who were willing to nourish and build on some of the skills I already had. I would not be who I am today without their help. So, for me, supervising other therapists is my way of paying it forward. I love watching others grow into who they are professionally. I try to create the right space for you, with my goal being to help you reach your highest potential. 


I approach supervision from a collaborative framework to help supervisees grow professionally. The work is largely an exploration and development of your own individual therapeutic orientation, style, and professional identity. The general areas of focus include working to increase competence in major clinical domains of the supervisee’s professional behaviors, such as counseling skills, personal growth and awareness, client/case conceptualization, screening and assessment, individual, group, family, couples counseling, client education, ethical and professional standards, and the ability to create therapeutic relationships. Supervisory roles assumed by me include teacher, evaluator, consultant, and counselor. I follow a developmental approach to supervision, using primarily the teacher role with novice supervisees and a simple consultation with more experienced supervisees. I am familiar with many theoretical frameworks and generally counsel within those frameworks.


Feel free to check out the About Me section to learn more about some of theoretical approaches I use.


If you are interested in pursuing supervision with me, please schedule an appointment or email me any questions you may have.

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