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Generational Trauma

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

In order to know where you are going or where you need to be, you have to know and understand where you come from. This has several meanings. Let’s peel back the layers. Where you come from can refer to your own childhood and past environment. But what about those who were in that in environment who were responsible for us? How do you make sense of their behavior? How do you start that healing process without understanding where they came from?

Let me tell you something: trying to understand the behavior of someone who may have hurt you someone else’s behavior, that may have hurt you...hmm is no easy feat. But sometimes that's the road we have to take in order to get to our OWN healing. History doesn't have to repeat itself. It only takes one person to say wait, hold up, this is not right, and I am going to do it differently. Don't get caught up in what everyone says when you start doing things differently. This is not about them; it’s about you.

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