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What is ML Counseling?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Many may assume ML simply stands for my initials. Which it does, but that’s not all. The M stands for mending and the L for lives. The tagline is mending lives one heart at a time.

We almost always associate the heart with romantic relationships. Although ML Counseling addresses matters of the heart (romantic relationships), it means so much more. The first relationships we have where we are learning to love happens within our family.

What happens to a person’s heart early on disrupts or has a negative impact on that relationship. What happens to the individual who has a child and, due to some of their own life challenges, is unable to nurture or develop a healthy relationship with that child? How do you cope with losing a family member or someone in your life who was the only person you ever remember loving you for you? How do you cope with the person who was supposed to care and love you being the person who has physically, mentally or even sexually abused you?

How do you make sense of it all? Some of those early and ongoing relationships have a significant impact on how you may show up in the world today.

It all has an impact on how you now develop friendships, romantic relationships, family relationships and, most importantly, your relationship with yourself. It can be hard to look at how your own heart is impacting those relationships. You may feel like your heart is broken, but it’s not. Some of your behaviors may be a challenge for those around you to deal with, but they may have been the only things that helped you survive some of those past relationships. Although we cannot control the behaviors of others, we can control ours.

At ML Counseling, we are here to put the pieces of your heart back together. Putting it back together does not mean you forget some of those experiences. It means you learn from them and no longer allow them to impact your life in

a way you don't want them to. Take the first step, and let's start mending all the pieces back together.


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